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Product Features:

  • easy transport: Inflatable board, manual pump and paddle in a bag
  • stability: Shorter but wide for an optimal stability up to 80 kg.
  • compact design:The entire bundle fits into a hand-held carry bag.
  • user comfort: Foam deck for comfort and grip. EVA foam handle

Design details:

Contents of the bundle
A SUP 100 (9 feet) An orange adjustable and collapsible paddle An easy-use manual pump A carry bag (hand carry) A light leash (not for surfing or river use) A user's guide A repair patch

Recommended user weight I Maximum load
Recommended user weight: Less than 60 kg: ultra-stable board. 60 to 80 kg : ideal board for easily getting into stand-up paddle boarding on calm bodies of water. Over 80 kg: if you are starting out, we recommend the X100 11ft model or the 100 COMPACT SUP 10FT Maximum load to stay up out of the water: 220 kg.
Inflating and deflating the stand-up paddle board with the ITIWIT pump

INFLATION: The SUP is equipped with a new-generation valve to guarantee even more security. To inflate your SUP, open the cap and connect the pump (“IN” mode). Inflate to 15 psi for best results. Disconnect the pump and close the outer cap.

DEFLATING: Turn the cap a quarter clockwise (“OUT” mode). Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the air for tight folding. Close the cap.

Fins and fin bases
2 118 mm fins for paddling in shallow water. Available from our after-sales service and online if lost or broken (8502106) Remember to remove the fins once you get off the water. For your safety, protect your hand if you need to apply force to the rear of the fin to remove it in the event of blockage with sand. If possible, rinse the bases of the fins before and after using the stand-up paddle board for easier fin installation and removal Don't forget to put in the pin

Storing your product
Remove the fins and the leash. Deflate the board on a dry and clean space. Roll the paddle from front to back to release air more easily. Close the valve. Use the tensioning strap

Recommendations for use
We recommend: Using a buoyancy aid jacket (reference 8501295) or a buoyancy aid belt (reference 8600104) Not suitable for paddling further than 300 m from shelter. Don’t use the leash on the river. Notify someone of your trip and your whereabouts. Research to find out if there are any local navigation rules that apply to the location of your trip.

Technical dimensions
INFLATED SUP: Length: 9' (274.5 cm) Width: 33" (84 cm) Thickness: 5" (12.5 cm) Volume: 232 litres Weight of the board alone: 7 kg (±10%) When folded: Height: 95 cm Width: 40 cm Thickness: 22 cm

We have a stand-up paddle board repair kit under the reference 8512384 for repairing small, easily visible leaks. For all other repairs, we recommend that you contact the workshop of your local shore. We can repair bases of the fins, handles, valves and significant leaks

Very lightweight leash that you won't even know is there during use and is easy to store. Always wear your leash to stay attached to your board if you fall. To avoid damaging the leash and leaving marks on your folded board, remove and rinse after each use. This leash attaches to the ankle. PLEASE NOTE: don’t use the leash on the river.