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Stainless Steel Folding Camping BBQ with Stand

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If there’s one thing we can all never be seen camping without – it’s our BBQ.

You’ve been trekking, hiking, fishing maybe, and just generally making the most of the outdoors…you deserve that burger! This folding camping BBQ means that you’ll never have to miss out on that again. Or that vegetable kebab, if that’s what you’re into.

Feeding those campers

Due to its unique folding mechanism, this product can be folded down flat which makes it the ideal compact BBQ for your camping, festival and general outdoor cooking needs. Even if you’re at home, this is great for the occasional spur of the moment light up. You can enhance your BBQ experience with a Stainless Steel handy BBQ tool set, to compliment your cooking outside and bring out the chef in you...

It’s ideal if you’re tight on space, but also doubles up as a fire pit if you need that extra heat at night. As far as a BBQ goes – what more could you need? Who doesn’t need a bit of heated heaven around the campsite at night?

Cooking with ease

This folding flat pack BBQ is easy to fold down, easy to assemble from its pack and even easy to clean due to the stainless steel finish.

The useful carry bag adds to this more – you could even take it with you on your walk for a mid-afternoon sit down in the sunshine.

  • An ideal barbeque when you are tight for space. 
  • Easy to assemble with fold out mechanism
  • Folds down flat
  • Stainless Steel
  • Can be used as a Fire Pit
  • Includes Carry Bag

Open - 31cm x 31cm x 22cm
Folded - 31cm x 4.5cm x 22cm

At this size, it’s not exactly going to be awkward to carry the folding BBQ around either. It’s essentially food on the go, but make sure you’ve got a cool bag full of food with you too. We can’t really send you that.