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The Ultimate Camping Equipment Checklist

Last updated on August 24th, 2022 at 11:25 am

Being prepared for camping in all weathers and all locations is essential for an enjoyable trip.

Of course, all camping trips are different – whether you’re backpacking, minimalist camping, going to a festival etc. We’ve put together the ultimate camping equipment checklist for all of your camping needs, so that you can work your way through and make sure you have everything you require on your trip.

A barbecue outside a tent

Basic Camping Equipment


The most crucial item to pack on your trip! No tent = no camping.

Choosing the correct tent is very important, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough space in your tent for everyone travelling, and perhaps some extra room or a porch for all of your equipment to be stored and kept dry incase of rainy weather.

Tent Pegs

The tent pegs that come with the tent are good, but you’ll want extra, just incase some get lost or break. You’ll also want extra/stronger pegs if it becomes windy.

Tent Repair Kit

A tent repair kit can come in very useful, incase of any tears or rips in your tent. Duct tape can also come in useful if you’re unable to get a repair kit.

Rubber Mallet

Setting up a tent and realising that you cant hit the tent pegs into the ground – is a bad idea.

Sleeping Equipment

Sleeping Mat

Sleeping mats and pads line the floor of your tent, keeping water out, and comfort in!

Sleeping Bag

A good quality sleeping bag is crucial to keep you warm and comfortable during the night. A sleeping bag with a built in pillow is also a very good idea. Sleeping bag suits are also a great idea if you want to keep cosy around the campfire too. If you’re unsure of what type of sleeping bag to get, check out our sleeping bag buying guide.

Camping Pillows

Camping pillows are a good extra to take with you on your trip for added comfort. Some sleeping bags have built-in pillows which are great for packing away.

marshmellows on sticks over a campfire

Cooking Equipment

Camping Stove

If you’ll be cooking hot food on your trip, you’ll require a camping stove – either electric or gas depending on your camping location and circumstances.


Knives, forks and spoons – all the basics, which can even be purchased in a handy multi-tool. Your cutlery kit will also want to include a tin and bottle opener.

Coolbox or Mini-Fridge

To keep all of your cold foods fresh. No need for one of these if you’re camping in the snow!


Essential for starting your campfire – you might also require firelighters.

Collapsible Equipment

You can purchase collapsible bowls, pots and baskets etc all to save you packing space.

Camping Table

If required, a foldaway camping table is a great idea to sit down for a family meal on your trip.

Camping Kettle

Don’t let camping keep you away from your morning tea or coffee.

General Camping Equipment


Because unfortunately, we cant see in the dark without light. These are important for those late night walks or toilet trips!

Camping Toilet

The site you visit may have on-site toilet facilities, but check this before you go – as a camping toilet might be necessary, and you might want to take one anyway!

Bin Bags

For keeping your camping area clean and tidy, and making sure you leave it just as clean for the next person.

Water Container

These are handy for transporting a large amount of water to/from your tent, so you don’t have to keep making trips to the tap.

Washing Line

If your campsite has washing facilities, but nowhere to dry the clothing, you might want to tie a line between two trees and hang out your clothes to dry off.

Camping Chairs

If you want somewhere comfortable to sit around the campfire – camping chairs are your friend.

A man sat with his tent on a sunny mountain

Health & Safety Equipment

Personal Medication

Plus some extras – just incase some get lost.

First Aid Kit

All the important things, plasters, bandages, anti-septic wipes etc. You can purchase pre-made first aid kits which will contain everything you need. You can find our favourite first aid kit here.

Sun Cream

If it’ll be warm and sunny, the last thing you want is sunburn.

Toilet Roll

This one is obvious…

Insect Repellent

Especially if you’re setting camp near a lake or damp ground.

Toothbrush & Hair Brush

Personal hygiene!

All of the Camping Equipment on our checklist above, will help you to enjoy a happy and comfortable camping trip – if you enjoyed this blog post, or if there’s any equipment you think should be added to this post, that you can’t go without – then let us know in the comment section below!

This was our Camping Equipment Checklist – Happy Camping!

You can download our camping equipment checklist to print and use for yourself here: