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Stocking Fillers under £10.00 for a Happy Camper!

Last updated on July 28th, 2020 at 01:54 pm

Still looking for last minute stocking fillers for a keen camper? Look no further… We’ve collated a list of our best stocking fillers for under £10.00!

  1. Bottle Light
The packaging for a BottleLight, showing the cork shaped light which fits into the top of a bottle.

Price: £8.99 (Last Checked)

This is a great stocking filler for those who like to recycle! This is a light, shaped like a cork which fits into the top of a bottle, creating a gorgeous LED good and an inviting atmosphere, both indoors and out!

  • Super Bright LED Light
  • Internal Battery and USB Charger
  • Shaped like a cork, fits most bottles

2. Cutlery Clip Set

A spoon, fork, knife and bottle opener overlapping eachother.

Price: £2.50

This handy tool is perfect for every activity, from camping, to boating, to festivals. It’s compact, and can all be clipped together and kept in one place! It comes with a knife, fork, spoon and even a bottle opener – all the essentials, especially for festival season!

3. Seagull Windsock Spinner

Seagull 3D Spinner Windsock

Price: £9.95

A fun and unique stocking filler – great for those who often lose their tent! Twists and rotates in the wind to make your tent one of a kind. Never lose it again! Features include:

  1. Colourfast High Quality Polyester
  2. Swivel Clip Included
  3. Easy Set-up
  4. Dimensions: 60cm x 110cm long

4. Quechua Polar Fleece Blanket

Price: £5.99 (Last Checked)

This blanket is certain to keep a camper cosy! This blanket has thermal insulation, in a soft-touch fleece design. It’s perfect for camping or hiking! It includes a carry elastic strap and is machine washable.

5. LED Torch with Bottle Opener

Price: £5.75

Know someone that likes a few beers around the campfire before they hit the hay? This LED Torch and bottle opener is a great gadget and perfect as a stocking filler. It’s practical and pocket sized.

  • 3 x AAA Batteries included
  • Handy Lanyard
  • Available in three different colours

6. Foldaway Dog Bowl with Karabiner

Price: £4.99 (Last Checked)

If someone can’t travel without their furry companion, then they’ll love this useful gift. A foldaway, lightweight dog bowl which is compact and ideal whenever they’re away from home. You could even get this as a gift for your own pet!

7. Gelert Orienteering Compass

Price: £4.99

What camper doesn’t love to get lost in the Great Outdoors? Help them to find their way back home with this orienteering compass. A great price to ensure a camper doesn’t get lost! Features include the following…

  1. Luminous dials for better visibility
  2. Extra-Large magnifying lens
  3. Durable Plastic
  4. Lanyard included

8. VW Campervan Multi-Tool

Price: £9.99

Volkswagen fans will adore this multi-tool. Its a great essential for all situations, and you never know when you’ll need it! A great stocking filler for a great price.

9. Camping Micro Pillow

Price: £5.99

How can you go wrong with a comfortable pillow for a happy camper? The answer – you can’t! Its compact and comfortable, and is great for a camper who is travelling around a lot. “Micro” is in the name!

  1. Washable
  2. Pack-size 22cm x 10cm
  3. Lightweight and compact
  4. Comes with it’s own stuff-sac

10. Quechua Camping Rug

Price: £9.99 (Last Checked)

This rug will certainly make a camper feel at home. It provides insulation from the cold as well as some protection from damp ground. Makes a great stocking filler for a keen camper.

As you can see, there are plenty of gifts that can be purchased on a budget for a happy camper. You can also take a look at our ‘Top Ten Christmas Gifts for a Camping Enthusiast’ blog post for more inspiration!

Happy Camping!