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Abus Raydo Pro 1460 85cm - Long Cable Lock

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The Abus Raydo Pro 1460 cable lock offers great protection to keep your bike locked and safe. 20mm of overlapping steel shells that protect the inner steel cable from attacks. The Abus bike lock has higher security thanks to the Steel-O-Flex and offers 'double protection' and is encased with a PVC coating which prevents damage to your bike when it is in use. The Raydo Pro comes with a KlickFix holder that is easy to mount on to the saddle clamping bolt so you will always have the lock with you and the combination lock means that the lock is unique to you and you are the only one that can open it, well unless you tell someone the code. The Abus cable bike lock also has the Press and Shine function that illuminates the lock in the dark so that it is easy to lock and unlock the bike lock.

Abus Raydo Pro 1460 85cm Long Cable Lock Features:

  • Good protection at medium theft risk
  • Recommended for securing good bicycles
  • TexKF Mini - holder with fabric sleeve, especially suitable for non-round frames with a diameter of 21-80 mm
  • KF - KlickFix holder with easy mounting at the saddle clamping bolt and efficient use
  • Due to the steel shells, the Steel-O-Flex locks reach a significantly higher security than common cable locks, yet maintaining high flexibility (Double Protection)
  • The combination lock is very suited for the use by several people Abus Raydo Pro 1460 85cm
  • Long Cable Lock Specifications
  • 20 mm overlapping steel shells protect the inner steel cable
  • PVC-coating to prevent damage of the bicycle's paintwork
  • The steel shells and the supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel Individually settable code
  • Press'n Shine Function - the illuminated dials make setting the code easy even in the dark