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QUECHUA - Multi-position comfortable camping armchair

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Quote from The Merchant's Website:

"Our camper-designers eco-designed this multi-position Chill Meal armchair.Folding up & comfortable for sitting down for a meal, relaxing, resting while camping.

Our motivation? To offer you an extremely comfortable armchair with headrest, 2 removable armrests, a wide seat and ventilated back with 3 positions for eating, relaxing, resting."

  • User comfort: 3 positions | 2 armrests | 1 headrest | Seat height: 45 cm
  • Compact design: Extremely compact once folded | Volume: 99 L / Dimensions: 86 x 58 x 20 cm
  • Easy transport: 1 carry strap | Folded format: flat | Easy to store
  • Easy opening / closing: Simple and quick to unfold
  • Durability: Excellent strength of tubes & fabric | Maximum load 150 kg
  • Breathability: Ventilated fabric on the back to provide more comfort
  • Weight: Weight: 6,2 kg

We have reduced our environmental impact on this product

  • We have improved this product using an eco-design approach in the dyeing of the fabric with the so-called "tow-tone dope dyeing" technique.
  • Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce our environmental impact, we use a mass pigmentation process that involves adding the colour pigments when the yarn itself is produced.

Recommendations for use

  • To change position, stand behind the armchair, put one foot in the middle of the bottom bar, push the back forward with one hand and use the other hand to unclip then fasten the seat in the desired position.
  • The armrests are removable. Lift them up then slide them back to put them in place. Do the reverse if you don't want to use them.
  • The headrest is adjustable, just slide it with the two straps to position it.


  • - Place the armchair with its hooks in front of you.
  • - Put it upright on its feet.
  • - Take off the elastic strap from the back and pull the back towards you.
  • - The armchair unfolds itself and sits on its 4 feet.
  • - With the other hand on the hooks side, pick up and lock the seat in the desired position (dining / relaxing / resting).
  • - Finally, fasten the armrests into their inserts.


  • - Fold up the armrests.
  • - Stand behind the armchair with your foot on the bottom bar, unlock the seat and let it relax onto its feet.
  • - Lift the armchair by pushing the back forward while keeping your foot pressed down on the bottom bar.
  • - Lower the back down and put the elastic strap back on.
  • - Use the carry strap to transport it.

Maintenance advice

Our camping chairs have been designed for occasional outdoor use when camping, in your garden or the great outdoors. Continued exposure to UV rays over several weeks can damage the fabric. These products are not classified as “garden furniture” and aren’t designed to be left outdoors permanently. To guarantee maximum durability of your chair, it's important to store it when not in use.


  • If necessary, you can find the seat, backrest and headrest on our website in the after-sales service.
  • The code for ordering the seat is: 8665956.
  • The code for ordering the backrest is: 8665957.
  • The code for ordering the headrest is: 8731920. Copy the code and paste it into our search function.