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QUECHUA - Compact Fresh Inflatable Camping Cooler - 35 L

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"The outdoors becomes more beautiful when you have cold drinks and fresh food to enjoy. This inflatable cooler can keep your food fresh for up to 17 hours.

The Compact Fresh 35 litre isothermal cooler doesn't need ice packs to keep things cool. It's lightweight, sturdy and comfortable to carry. On top of that, it deflates for easy storage."

  • Isothermal: Keeps food fresh for 17 hours without ice packs | Standard: EN 12546-2
  • Compact design: Tidies away neatly | Deflate after use
  • Ease of use: Large zip opening | 3 storage pockets | Outer net pocket | 1 divider
  • Easy transport: Adjustable shoulder strap and foam patch to relieve the shoulder | 2 handles
  • Weight: Lightweight: 1.6 kg


  • 35 L. Recommended for 4 to 8 people.
  • On the outside, you will find three stretch mesh storage pockets.
  • Inside, you will find a mesh pocket for adding ice packs.
  • Thanks to its separator, if you place it horizontally, you can keep the food on the lower level cool for longer. You can also place it vertically to organise your cooler.


  • When unfolded, the cooler measures 43 cm in height, 33 cm in depth and 43 cm in width.
  • When folded, the cooler is more compact and measures 22 cm in height, 33 cm in depth and 43 cm in width.


  • This ice box is not waterproof.
  • It’s normal for moisture or water inside the cooler (through condensation, for example) to seep through seams. This avoids unwanted water or moisture building up inside the cooler.
  • If you want to make it waterproof, you can add the waterproof bag specially designed for this cooler. Copy the code in brackets (8502029) and paste it into our search function.

Directions for use

  • Using tests, conducted according to the EN 12546-2 standard, we measured the cooler's capacity to keep food cool for 22 hours with ice packs (2.1 kg).
  • To improve the thermal properties of your cooler, we recommend:
  • - finish inflating it by mouth using the valve,
  • - use ice packs,
  • - leave your cooler in the shade,
  • - open it only when necessary and close it quickly.


  • You can carry it alone using the shoulder strap or between 2 people using the handles on the sides.
  • We added straps on the top of the cooler so you can carry your picnic blanket.


  • We have used reinforced 600 denier* polyester fabric (PES) for the bottom of the cooler to increase the product's durability outdoors and in the mountains.
  • *Denier tells you the weight of a yarn in grams per unit length of 9 metres; so, for a 600-denier fabric, this means it weighs 600 grams for 9 metres.


  • Thanks to the folding design, you can make the cool box smaller to save on space. Here are our tips for correct folding:
  • - open the valve, close the zip
  • - put the cooler down horizontally, valve side up, and grab both sides with your hands
  • - push down to release the air
  • - put it back vertically without releasing the sides and press on the top to compress it to the maximum
  • - close the valve
  • - loop the carrying strap around the cooler to keep it closed.


The bottom of the cooler is removable so it can be thoroughly cleaned. Just pull on the little tab.


  • Because we are aware that we must act to preserve our playground, Quechua is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products.
  • Today, this product is not eco-designed, but we work every day to make it more responsible: eco-design, repairability and sustainability are at the heart of our developments.