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QUECHUA - Camping Organiser - 3 Pockets

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Quote from The Merchant's Website:

"This organiser has been co-designed by 700 campers. It is made so you can store what you need once you're sat down at your camping site

With 3 pockets, this organiser was developed by our Quechua design team and its co-designers so you can empty your pockets when you sit down."

  • Compatibility: This product is compatible with all our armchairs, chairs and kitchen units
  • Pockets: Organiser: 34 x 22 x 3 cm3 pockets: 33 x 20 cm / 20 x 15 cm / 12 x 15 cm
  • Ease of use: This product is easy to attach and use thanks to its attachment system
  • Easy transport: It's easy to carry due to its size, shape and fastening
  • Ecodesign: The yarn is dyed directly at source to reduce the environmental impact


This organiser was co-designed by our Quechua teams and 714 camper co-designers over 11 months. All those involved in the product design aim to offer products that best meet the needs of campers.

We have reduced our environmental impact on this product

  • We have improved this product with an eco-design approach to dyeing using a process called DOPE-DYED.
  • Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce our environmental impact, we use a mass pigmentation process that involves adding the colour pigments when the yarn itself is produced.


This organiser is extremely easy to attach to all your Quechua chairs, armchairs and kitchen units. This same system lets you easily remove the product from your seat.

This product contains:

  • - 3 pockets in different sizes to divide up the camper’s belongings. It was designed to store one or several magazine(s), a book, a smartphone, glasses and pens.
  • - you can close up the organiser when not in use while keeping your belongings tidy inside.