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Outwell Camper Sleeping Bag

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Size: 235 x 90 cm

Body Length: 200 cm

Shell: Polycotton (20% cotton/ 80% polyester)

Filling: 1200g Isofill

Lining: Cotton flannel 100% cotton

Weight: Approx 2400g

Pack size: 48 x 46 x 23 cm

Outwell's Camper sleeping bag is a super 2-3 season rectangle bag and a firm favourite with families. Its versatility allows a great combination of warmth and comfort and as we all the know that duo is essential for a good night's sleep!

Camper Sleeping Bag key features

  • 2/3 Season
  • Inbuilt Pillow
  • Corner liner attachment loops
  • Full-length zip baffle
  • Easy glide zip system
  • Inside pocket for essential items
  • Lining - 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Shell - Polycotton
  • Generous width

What should I know about the Outwell Camper?

The distinctive striped lining not only looks great but as it is made from 100% cotton, it is super-soft and has a real luxurious feel to it. The two layers of insulation are offset, meaning that they each cover the other's seams, trapping air and maximising toastiness. As well as that, the Isofill filling ensures a hollow fibre that captures air, providing all of the insulation properties you will require for a super-warm night's sleep. Put in simple terms, it's going to keep you warm!

The bag can also be used in various different manners. It has a fully detachable hood which is very handy for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. If the rain and wind is driving down on your tent, simply get yourself into this bag and get your hood up. You may look like you're in some sort of cocoon but trust us you will be cosy! The built-in pillow is well, a built in pillow and  it makes just one less thing for you to be worried about. It versatile capabilities are further demonstrated by the fact it can be opened out as a duvet that could also be used around the house and can also be zipped with a second bag to create a double.