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LE Rechargeable Camping Lantern - 1000 Lumen LED Outdoor Lights

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The lantern has 4 lighting modes, including cool white (6000K, 700 lumen, 8 hours), warm white (3000K, 300 lumen, 12 hours), daylight white (5000K, 1000 lumen, 6.5 hours) and flash (5000K, 1000 lumen). All modes are controlled by one button and you can adjust the brightness by long pressing the button.
The flash mode cannot be dimmed. To maintain the battery life, please remember to charge this usb lantern when not using it for a long time, like 6 months. Brightness equals to 75W incandescent bulbs, gives out 360-degree soft light without dazzle, good for night-time reading or power cuts. USB Rechargeable. Charging time is about 8 hours with a provided USB cable. It can also work as a power bank to charge your phone occasionally.

Product Features:

  • Super Bright. Brightness up to 1000 lumens, equal to 75W halogen bulbs, suitable for family or other group activities where high brightness is needed, like BBQ or small party. Its nontransparent outer case helps to emit smooth light with dazzle.
  • Money Saving & Environment-friendly. Built-in 4400mAh lithium battery allows charging the lantern via a USB cable. Good to the environment and don’t need to spend money on batteries. It can also work as a power bank to charge your phone or laptop temporarily.
  • Dimmable with 4 Lighting Modes. The light color can change to cool white, warm white and neutral white together with a flashing mode. Long press the button to adjust the brightness.
  • Hanging Light. With a hook on the base and a metal handle on the top, you can hang the lantern to light up a larger area. Note: the case of the lantern can be unscrewed to get brighter lighting.
  • Water Resistant. Good for outdoor activities in light rain or snowy day. IP44 rating means this lantern is protected against splashing water from all angle.