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Screw On Gas Cartridge/Canister - Coleman

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The Coleman Performance Gas Cartridge is ideal for more extreme weather conditions and provides a steady and consistent burn across a wide range of temperatures at lower altitudes. The cartridge offers fast and reliable boil times even in very cold temperatures such as - 15ºc. This cartridge has a standard screw-on attachment making it an ideal fuel source for Coleman camping stoves and lanterns for the more adventurous trekker or explorer. The canister has a double safety seal resealable valve the cartridge can be disconnected and reconnected to your appliance in complete safety without leakage.

Product Features:

  • Gas cartridge with good stability and a long burning time
  • Powerful propane/butane mix 60/40 with safety valve
  • Suitable for all Coleman gas cooker
  • Ideal for camping/hiking trips
  • Removable and re-attach cartridge