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Carp Portable Fishing Chair, Folding Armchair - Ergonomic Design

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A popular chair in the fishing community because of its quality, comfort and reliability, as well as the possibility of adding extra elements and accessories. This chair has all the necessary features expected by someone who loves recreational fishing. It is relatively light, meaning it can be easily carried to the desired location. It is easy to unfold and thanks to adjustable legs and wide feet it can be used on even difficult and uneven terrain. It can be easily adjusted, so that you can enjoy comfort without wobbling or sinking down into the sand. Flat, anti-slip armrests provide support for the arms, and the stable, well-constructed seat is designed so as to support even heavy weights. The backrest is easily adjustable and has additional rear support. The seat and backrest are made out of waterproof, densely sewn polyester, filled with a high-quality foam material. The fabric is dirt resistant, but if the need arises it is easy to clean.

Product Features:

  • Comfort: A large seat, which gives stability and comfort. Depth: 480 mm. Width: 460 mm. Backrest height: 600 mm. Well designed leg construction. Can be adjusted up to 20 cm up or down. They have wide feet, which ensure that the armchair doesn’t sink into the ground and that it is stable even on uneven surfaces.
  • Multifunctionality: Large, soft, comfortable seat. Stable side accessories table with a tall rim, made from crack resistant and scratch resistant plastic. An ergonomic fishing rod holder. Table and rod holder can be attached from either side – comfortable for left-handed fishermen. Mud Adjustable Feet.
  • Quality and durability: All the materials used in the product are of a high quality and an exceptional durability. The armchair can hold even a large amount of weight. Waterproof and thickly woven fabric that’s resistant to wear and dirt, easy to clean and comfortable to the touch.
  • Aesthetics and functionality: The whole product is designed around aesthetics and functionality; Everything that an angler needs is easy to reach – the rod holder, the table, the backrest regulator. Attention to detail: Careful stitching, smooth edges.
  • Ease of folding and transport: A relatively light product (6.7 kg, or just over 1 stone). Easy and quick to fold and unfold, as confirmed by various anglers. The dimensions when folded are 580 x 200 x 800 mm, making the armchair easy to transport using even a small car.