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Adirondack Teak Garden Swing Seat

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  • Adirondack Swing Seat - Practical and comfortable garden chair
  • The infamous design Thomas Lee, in 1903, hastily threw together some old scraps of wood to make chairs for his family to sit on whilst at their Summer Home in the Adirondack Mountains, how famous his off the cuff design would become.
  • Originally called The Westport Plank Chair by Lee, the re-named Adirondack design is now replicated in many different forms and timbers all over the world
  • Hand made from high quality teak with lovely rounded edges throughout and the familiar plentiful backrest design this will make for a stunning feature-piece in any outdoor space.
  • Wide, flat armrests are also included for that added comfort value.
  • The fittings for the swing are made from solid brass meaning they won’t rust and degrade with exposure to the elements. 
  • This timber has the ultimate natural protection offered to it by its dense grain and high oil content meaning there is no need to use any external treatments what-so-ever. 
  • The construction of the seat itself is second to none as well with mortice and tenon joints used and then further reinforced by teak dowels to cater for the rigours of regular use. In time the natural ageing process will turn the timber a silver-grey colour, which, for cosmetic purposes can be removed with Teak Care Products.  
  •  Dimensions: Height: 70cm Depth: 50cm Length: 150cm Weight: 35 kilos Length of rope:  180cm 

  1. Dimensions: Height: 70cm Depth: 50cm Length: 150cm
  2. Weight: 35 kilos
  3. Length of rope:  180cm