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Abus 1950 Coil Cable Bike Lock - 120cm

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The Abus 1950 Coil Cable Bike Lock is a great small lightweight lock but built with strength to prevent the opportunist theft. The Abus lock can extend up to 120cm and is 7mm thick making it easy to wrap around your bike and lock to a fixed object. With automatic locking and a 6 locking element cylinder the 1950 coil will ensure your bike feels secure and safe to leave all day with piece of mind. The plastic sheath prevents your paintwork any damage. The Abus 1950 Coil Cable Bike Lock gives you brilliant security at a low price.

Abus 1950 Coil Cable Bike Lock Features

  • Cable covered in a plastic sheath
  • Automatic locking
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 7mm 6
  • Element cylinder 7mm
  • Thick cable