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September, 20 2012 - New Solar Torch Cap

New Solar Torch Cap

New and available for pre order, the most talked about outdoor product/headwear of the year is now here.

The Solar Light Cap is not only great looking; it boasts fabulous features and is also good for the environment. It really is this season's must have product, so if you want to be in with a chance to get your hands on this great solar cap, make sure you put your name down; they'll be in at the end of September!

It has two ultra bright white LEDs that give off enough light for you to read, walk, analyse maps and go fishing to name but a few activities, and also comes with a dimmer so that should it be too bright, you can alter the light that it gives off. On full power, the lights are also known to last an impressive 3 hours!

So how does this fabulous gadget work? Basically, this waterproof product doesn't need batteries and simply requires sunlight. Even if it is cloudy, it will still charge up sufficiently to provide you with ample lighting; so it really shouldn't be underestimated. There isn't a need for clumsy cables either, your solar powered cap just needs to be in the great outdoors to get its energy. The cap doesn't just provide a one dimensional light either; it also offers strobe lighting (perfect in an emergency) as well as a wide flood lighting option, and a downward angle lighting option.

Put simply, this product is a god send. It can provide you with endless light for any outdoor adventure and can also come in handy if an emergency arises.

It is not only trendy and stylish; it enhances safety and independence. A truly marvellous product.

Solar Torch Cap