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January, 16 2013 - New Kids Novelty Tents

New Kids Novelty Tents

When it comes to getting kids excited about the great outdoors, it is imperative that you engage with them, get them excited and allow their imaginations to run riot. Not all kids like the thought or sound of sleeping somewhere unknown, but with our wide and impressive range of novelty tents they will soon be wanting to go camping all the time. Our range of novelty tents are some of the best out there and the price that we sell them for is certainly impressive.

One of our most popular novelty tent options proves to be the Kids London Underground tent. Not only is it realistic looking, it is also spacious (it sleeps four children) meaning that friends can also enjoy the fun of the outdoors. The tube tent also features its very own ticket office, tunnel and play area, meaning kids and their friends can play and sleep in their new adventure land for as long as they wish. It also meets all safety and fire regulations and, impressively, also has UV protected fabric.

As well as the London Underground tent, we also have many more novelty options including the ‘dog house tent’ The dog house tent is exactly as it sounds and is a tent in the shape and style of a dog house – it even comes with its very own dog bowl! So, if you’re always in the dog house and want to make a statement and add some fun and life into your camping experience, this is certainly one to consider. Again, this tent meets all safety and fire expectations and is known for its durability and its high quality materials.

Finally, another extremely popular novelty tent option that may interest both the boys and girls is the Kids VW Camper Tent. Available in pink or blue, this tent is perfect for kids of all ages and has plenty of room. It has to be said, however, that this tent isn’t simply a novelty camping option it is extremely high quality and boasts some excellent features. It is sturdy and strong, has front and back windows, is fire retardant, and, contrary to belief, is also easy to assemble.

All of our novelty camping tents are high in quality and certainly have the fun factor!

Novelty Tents

November, 27 2012 - New Christmas Promotion

New Christmas Promotion

In this day and age it is not very often that you get something offered to you for free - but listen up, that's exactly what we at sleeping bag suits are offering this festive season. For every sale of the Musuc Bag Classic, you will be entitled to one of our FREE festive gift. The Musuc Bag Classic is already looking like it will be one of our best selling products of this year; so add to that the FREE gift and it is certain to be a sell-out even before December is upon us. With this in mind, you should not delay; get your hands on a Musuc Bag Classic and grab yourself a free gift.

The FREE items are also great quality. You get to choose from a red poncho, a set of red festival feet, or a red camping pillow. Any of these free items can be coupled with the Musuc Bag Classic to create a really impressive Christmas present that is perfect for outdoor lovers - so don't delay, make a purchase now while you have the chance.

The red camping pillow would prove a particularly good product to get your hands on because, for the price of one Musuc bag, you get everything you need to be able to sleep comfortably - the Musuc bag, which in effect is a manoeuvrable sleeping bag, and a pillow that will help you to rest your tired head without waking up with the traditional aches and pains that you get after sleeping in the great outdoors.

The pillow is super soft, featherweight and small and is known to enhance your sleep. It can also be used for other things, as well as for camping. It is ideal to have in the house for when people come over to stay, and is also perfect to take to a sleepover. The possibilities are endless. It is versatile and functional and basically has all the advantages of a top quality sleeping bag but with the bonus of you being able to move around in it.

As well as excellent comfort and extreme temperature ratings, the Musuc Bag Classic also boasts excellent features including ventilation on the legs, insulated collar with chord lock for extra warmth, a chest pocket for a mobile phone, and a convenient stuff sack. Our 'Red promotion' really is worth making the most of. The FREE products are good quality and are all ideal outdoor products that help to make any camping experience more luxurious. You must hurry though, offer ends 21st December!

Big Red Promotion

November, 19 2012 - Back by Popular Demand

Our VW Tent Bundle Back by Popular Demand!

Christmas is coming and the offers are most definitely getting fat!!

Back by popular demand our VW Tent bundle offer is in stock for the festive period and is waiting to be snapped up. Whatever your camping needs, this bundle will suit you. The fantastic offer is most certainly appealing - with every VW tent purchase, all our customers also get their hands on a free camping bundle that contains some great outdoor essentials. What an excellent Christmas present for any keen outdoor enthusiast!

In is one of our most popular bundles - it comes with two sleeping bags and a folding silicon kettle and can be used by a number of people. In simple terms, you buy a tent for Christmas and you get not one, but two sleeping bags and a kettle absolutely free! You won't find this kind of deal anywhere else. The quirky and fun loving bundle will prove great for those new to camping, and will also be a fantastic product for people who like to make a statement when camping.

As well as this bargain offer, we also have bundles that may appeal to festival goers. We have an aptly named 'festival bundle' which features a two man tent and two high quality sleeping bags (available in different colours) and we also have a 'Musuc bag and camping chair bundle' which features two of the the sought after Musuc bags that will help to keep people warm and toasty in all weathers, plus a folding chair that can be transported and placed anywhere.

Camping bundles, especially the VW tent option, are extremely good value for money as you get all your outdoor essentials in one package and all for a great price. It is a cost effective way of making sure you get all you need for your adventures and saves you the time and hassle of buying everything separately.

These camping bundles proved extremely popular last year and it is expected that they will be received with the same excitement again. So, to avoid the disappointment of finding they are sold out before Christmas, get your camping bundle ordered today!

VW Tent Bundle

October, 15 2012 - New Electric Scooters

New Electric Scooters

With Christmas fast approaching you may be feeling the pressure to get your child the very latest product; the product that everyone will envy and the product your child will absolutely love. If this sounds like you, look no further than the Razor electric scooter on offer here at

These scooters are set to take the country by storm and will undoubtedly be one of the products of the year.

Available in different colours, these scooters also come in different categories, with the 90, 100, 200 and 300 electric scooters available for you to buy now.

The Razor 300 is, as you can probably guess, the top of the range scooter and boasts some fabulous features that many 'older children' can appreciate. It can travel at speeds of up to 15mph and, impressively, can go for forty minutes without being charged up.

Additional perks include; a super strong frame that also boasts a larger deck and 10" pneuamatic tyres; a chain driven motor; 12 hours battery time and twist grip acceleration control. The 300 is available in icy blue or sleek silver.

Despite the 300 version being the very top of the range however, this does not mean to say that the 90, 100 and 200 should be ignored. All offer sublime power as well as the latest technology, and each one is constructed using the high quality materials that Razor is famous for and bases its reputation on.

Razor's 90 electric scooter, although known to be the slowest of all the scooters in this range, can still achieve speeds of up to 9mph and is more ideally suited to younger children. It can also have fifty minutes of continuous use before it needs charging up again. Available in girly pink, vivid blue for the boys, or orange for those who want to stand out and be different, it also comes with a single battery and footbrake, a kick stand, a 12v sealed lead battery and a battery charger. Just like the top of the range version, the 90 electric scooter is also made with the strongest and finest materials for durability and longevity.

All too often parents struggle when it comes to buying for their children, especially at Christmas time and for their birthdays. This fabulous product however will certainly make sure you strike gold. This particular scooter is set to be the product that all the kids are talking about. Get your hands on them while you can!

Razor Scooters

September, 28 2012 - New Funnel Kettles

New Funnel Kettles

According to recent figures, austerity here in the UK has played a massive role in the number of people opting to holiday in the UK instead of abroad - with camping proving to be one of the most popular vacations.

With camping becoming ever more popular, the gadgets and equipment that you can buy for this pastime has also risen in terms of quality and availability; meaning everyone can enjoy camping for the great experience it should be and with the best possible tools.

One of these said tools is the funnel kettle which is not only timeless in appearance, but is also extremely handy for any outdoor activity. Available in a range of sizes and boasting a cooking set comprising a saucepan, frying pan and a grill, this product is certainly getting rave reviews.

It is perfect whether you are a serious hiker, a family of campers, or someone who works away. Why? because the kettle can be easily transported and carried; irrespective of where you are, you can boil water for a snack or a much-needed cup of tea.

So how does it work? The lightweight aluminium kettle only needs a few twigs, bit of newspaper and such like putting into the tube that contains the combustible material, and after striking a match, away it goes. Boiling water will be available to you within minutes. It may be old fashioned in terms of how it operates, but it works perfectly and provides all modern day necessities such as boiling water for tea and soup, as well as warm water for main family mealtimes. It also keeps you warm if you sit around it. What's more, it is also extremely cheap to purchase and even more importantly, doesn't cost anything to run.

Another great feature of this product is the traditional look and feel that it possesses. In many ways it looks war-like and certainly gives a classic camping impression. Boasting a whistle cap for safety and coming with its very own hard wearing carry bag, it is the ideal piece of equipment to have that will prove to be a god-send wherever you are.

There are three sizes to choose from all in all. There is the 500ml, 1000ml and the 1500ml version and all are available with additional kit. The optional kit will also allow you to do all your cooking without the need for expensive gas bottles and big cooking stoves - all you have to do is clip the pot holder to the top of the kettle to boil the water whilst cooking, or alternatively, remove the kettle and use the grill as a small stove.

Funnel Kettle