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Coming in different shapes, designs and colours, from novelty tents to a standard dome tent they are not only proving to be an essential item for camping these days, they are also showing signs of becoming a fashion accessory too. There are pink ones for the girls, blue ones for the boys and many that have famous cartoon characters on for the kiddies too - so in terms of variety, there is so much choice.

Aside from the fun aspect of appearance however, tents also come in a variety of sizes and types and are made from different materials so that regardless of what it is you require them for, there is one to suit your every need.

Choosing the right tent

Whatever type of tent you opt for however, make sure you have remembered several factors that will help you get the best tent for your requirements. For instance, make sure that the tent is the right size and gives you enough space to move around.

Also ensure that the material of your tent is designed with strength and durability in mind - there are many types of tent materials however, so the choice has to be based purely on what the tent is to be used for, and when.

For instance, Polyester withstands extended exposure to the sun, Nylon is lighter weight and Canvas is durable but ultimately heavy, so depending on where you're going and how long for, be sure to take the time out to purchase the tent that best suits your circumstances.