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September, 20 2012 - New Solar Torch Cap

New Solar Torch Cap

New and available for pre order, the most talked about outdoor product/headwear of the year is now here.

The Solar Light Cap is not only great looking; it boasts fabulous features and is also good for the environment. It really is this season's must have product, so if you want to be in with a chance to get your hands on this great solar cap, make sure you put your name down; they'll be in at the end of September!

It has two ultra bright white LEDs that give off enough light for you to read, walk, analyse maps and go fishing to name but a few activities, and also comes with a dimmer so that should it be too bright, you can alter the light that it gives off. On full power, the lights are also known to last an impressive 3 hours!

So how does this fabulous gadget work? Basically, this waterproof product doesn't need batteries and simply requires sunlight. Even if it is cloudy, it will still charge up sufficiently to provide you with ample lighting; so it really shouldn't be underestimated. There isn't a need for clumsy cables either, your solar powered cap just needs to be in the great outdoors to get its energy. The cap doesn't just provide a one dimensional light either; it also offers strobe lighting (perfect in an emergency) as well as a wide flood lighting option, and a downward angle lighting option.

Put simply, this product is a god send. It can provide you with endless light for any outdoor adventure and can also come in handy if an emergency arises.

It is not only trendy and stylish; it enhances safety and independence. A truly marvellous product.

Solar Torch Cap

September, 3 2012 - New Musuc Bag Stock

New Musuc Bag Stock

Eagerly anticipated, is pleased to announce that the new range of Musuc bags are coming into stock this week.

Both the MusucBag Lite and the MusucBag Classic have been in high demand for a long time and now new stock is on its way, people are excited to get their hands on the new range of the revolutionary and innovative camping gear.

There will also be the large and XL black Musuc Bag coming back in stock as well as the K1 Blue option - both of which sold out fast last time round. Both varieties of the Musucbag offer fantastic qualities.

They maximise space and convenience, yet still boast all the traditional characteristics of a sleeping bag such as comfort and warmth. They are also made form the highest quality materials and come with comfort temperature limits and extreme comfort temperature limits.

The Musuc Classic is literally a sleeping bag suit that allows you the freedom to move around and explore whilst still being as warm as toast. The Musuc Bag Lite is exactly the same - albeit a little lighter and far less bulkier than the former.

new musuc bag stock

August, 16 2012 - New Inflatable Camping Beds and Pillows

New Inflatable Camping Beds and Pillows

According to regular surveys, one of the biggest complaints that many people have about camping is the fact that they can't seem to get a good night's sleep. This is most likely due to the fact that they can still feel the lumpy and hard ground that they are laid on through their sleeping bag. This doesn't have to be the case anymore however. This is because has just released its new range of camping beds and pillows that allow for a comfortable and care-free night's sleep.

On offer, our double inflatable camping beds are perfect for couples who want to be comfortable on a romantic camping trip away, and there is also the single inflatable camping bed and a inflatable camping mat options for people who want to enjoy a good, solid sleep without waking up in the middle of the night aching and in pain.

Because of the comfort that all of these products provide, it is unsurprising to learn that they are selling like hot cakes - they come at a great price and really improve any camping trip. They are also popular because of the ease in which they can be put up. Many coming with built in pumps, you simply blow up the mattress until it is as firm as you want it.

All our products in this range can also be folded away tightly and compactly, making it easy for you to transport and store them. 

Regardless of where you are camping, you should always be able to be as comfortable and as content as possible, and these products will certainly enable that to happen. Offering supreme comfort, cosiness and luxury, once you buy one of these products, you will wonder why it took you so long to make a purchase. A true god send.

Inflatable Camping Beds and Pillows

August, 2 2012 - New Kids VW Tent

New Kids VW Tent

Camping is all the rage these days, especially in times of recession and hardship when people are having to holiday in the UK as opposed to spending their money on abroad vacations.

Generally though, camping in the British outdoors has so many fun opportunities for all the family - and with the latest new VW kids camper van tent on offer, the fun aspect is about to increase significantly. This fantastic kids' tent is officially licensed by VW themselves and offers fabulous features, space, and sturdiness as standard. It is also one of the most unique products on the market which could see it set a benchmark for other similar products to follow suit.

Camping has progressed through the years into a real holiday option and with products on the market like this; it isn't hard to see why, as both adults and children alike can have fun and enjoy the great outdoors in the best possible way.

The tents themselves are made from Oxford fabric and boast excellent waterproof qualities as well as durable, yet lightweight materials. For those who are particularly concerned about the wellbeing of their kids, you should know that the tents also offer UV protection.

Additional features include; front and back windows, the assurance that the tent is fire retardant, plastic support poles for strength and flexibility, and a convenient pack size.

This VW tent is certainly one to consider if you and the kids want to make a statement on your travels. For all its quality, it is also competitively priced, so definitely needs considering if you like value for money too. It has personality, is fun and proves to be an excellent purchase all in all - it also has excellent stability and strength capabilities and is one of the toughest products on the market. It's not often you get the best of everything, but with this product there are no sacrifices.

Kids VW Tent

July, 24 2012 - New 3 Man Pop Up Tent

New 3 Man Pop Up Tent

Pop up tents are growing in popularity all the time and it doesn’t take Einstein to work out why. Pop up tents offer a simplicity like no other tent genre has ever offered before, and, much to everyone’s joy, are also extremely cheap to purchase.

Pop up tents also come in a range of styles and shapes please everyone, so regardless of how much room you require, you will be able to find a product that best suits you. The practicality aspect that these tents boast is also a big lure.

Think about it. Pop up tents can be erected in seconds and without having to lift a finger. You simply have to unzip their storage bag; place them on the ground and watch them pop into shape! You can then sit back, relax and watch other people spend an age trying to put up their traditional-style tents!

The one down side to pop up tents is that they have usually been a 2 man option. If you come to the conclusion that a pop up tent could be for you but you need something a bit bigger, look no further than the Volcano 3 Man Pop Up Tent, as this proves to be an excellent example of what pop up tents are all about with the added bonus of being a 3 man.

The brightly coloured tent option not olny sleeps three people but showcases the durability and practicality of pop up tents brilliantly. It comes with sturdy pre-attached guylines, a fully seam sealed flysheet that offers the upmost protection, and offers an extended porch area which makes the tent ideal for socialising.

Going into further detail, other features of this wonderful pop up tent option include; excellent ventilation; two separate rooms for privacy; large windows; good reinforcements on all stress points of the tent, and heavy duty materials including zips. As well as materials being extremely durable however, they also offer lightweight features so that there is good breathability in the tent making it comfortable whatever the weather.

Pop up tents are certainly leading the way when it comes to camping products. In this day and age, everyone is in a rush because the amount of time people have to enjoy themselves is greatly reduced. With this in mind, you need to be able to rely on quick and simple things to help make your life a little easier.

Pop up tents certainly fit into this category. Even if you haven’t got much time on your hands, you can still enjoy all the greatness of camping with a pop up tent as they do all the hard work for you.

Pop up tents, including the excellent Volcano model, also have the advantage of being easily stored and transported. They don’t weigh very much and nine times out of ten can be folded within themselves and into a neat carry sack – the perfect convenience.

Volcano Tent