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SCHAUMEX® Camping Set - Plate Holder and Cutlery Holder - Motorhomes, Caravans and Boats

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  • TIME TO SAVE With our new set consisting of our popular cup holder and plate holder They are washable and do not provide any target areas for germs and bacteria
  • HIGH QUALITY The plate / cutlery holder is made from high quality foam and produced in Germany Altogether there is space for 12 plates 6 large and 6 small plates can be stored In addition four of the 12 slots can also be used for deep soup bowls therefore it is absolutely flexible
  • SAFE Cutlery like knives forks and spoons can also be kept elegantly in 3 large round cutaways The plate holder is extremely stable so it can be completely full with dishes and cutlery and transported without any problems like something cracking or falling out
  • SPACIOUS Our Cup and glass holder for up to 8 pieces is a practical everyday helper specially developed for the camping area helps you safely store your cups and glasses in your motorhome caravan boat etc The formstable PU foam made in Germany is a perfect fit and can be cut to the right size if required The dimensions are approx 329 m x 244 x 60 mm and have a weight of 100 g
  • RECOMMENDATION We advise placing wine glasses on the head in the foam This prevents the very headheavy lenses from tipping over when driving From Campers for Camper English support also available