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Roll Up Beds

Roll up mattresses are more popular than they ever have been as people not only look for comfort and a good night's sleep, but also functionality too. Often hand-made and coming in a variety of colours, they are generally used for camping trips as they are lightweight and easy to store, but are also comfortable enough to be slept on too.

Looking to take some home comforts with you on your latest trip? Well Roll Up Beds are becoming ever more popular in 'glamping' and will bring an almost luxurious feel to your camping experience!

Many people also use them when guests stay over as they are quick to roll out and even quicker to put away which means in terms of effort - there really is nothing to set up. The ease of how quickly a bed can be put together and then put away again has formed part of the roll up mattress popularity and is now the reason for many people going out and buying them.

They are especially popular with festival goers too who enjoy being able to carry them around with very little effort and similarly being able to roll them up and put them away when they've finished with them. A good night's sleep is what is important to everyone and can often effect how we behave and interact throughout the following days. Nobody enjoys being around a crabby campmate so don't let it be you! 

When it comes to sleepovers and camping trips for example, many people don't get the night's sleep that they should as all too often they find they are not comfortable - a roll up mattress could be just the solution, they provide a soft foundation and will often help to keep the body warm too.

They are also great for general use for around the house, so if you've got guests or the kids are having a sleepover they provide a great extra space for someone to rest their head.


Because the fabric is treated for fire safety and natural dyes are used we recommend that the beds be aired for a few days before use.

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