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VW Campervan Tent

Novelty Tents

Novelty tents are the perfect option for people who like to make a statement whilst camping.

The possibilities for fun are endless - from VW camper van tents to 'dog house' novelty tents - the potential for laughter and frolics is immense.

These camping options prove extremely popular for fun-loving couples as well as people with a great sense of humour. They show that you have a fun and eccentric personality and will be regularly seen at festivals where fun and laughter as well as crazy times is all the rage.

Some people still see camping as relatively boring -they haven't seen these tents - they give camping a whole new look and make the great outdoors seem much more attractive!

Purchasing one of the novelty options wil l allow you to be the talk of the camping world. They are the ultimate way to make a statement and are unique and brilliantly eccentric.

Despite them being fun and injecting a bit of life into the camping world however, they are also brilliantly sturdy and well built, and will keep you warm and dry in even the harshest of conditions.

These tents are well priced, hard-wearing and durable, easy to assemble and easy to store. They also provide ample room.

You really do get the best of both worlds with these tents- all the novelty, as well as all the basic fundamentals for a brilliantly designed tent.

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