Kids Sleeping Bags

It is vitally important to purchase a kids sleeping bag that not only looks the part, but can be used to keep them ultra warm too. There are many 'cool' sleeping bags that have distinctive patterns as well as feature their favourite cartoon characters - meaning not only do they have to be functional, they have to be fashionable too. As we're sure you're well aware, some kids can be very particular indeed!

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Which Kids sleeping bag should I buy?

Highlander Furry Friends Sleeping Bag

When taking the kids away for a break in the great outdoors, it is essential for them to have a good nights sleep.

A comfortable sleeping bag is going to go a long way in ensuring that they sleep right through the night so it is worth making sure you get them a sleeping bag that they will be excited to get into at night!

How cold is it going to be?

First things first, you need to take into consideration the likely temperatures you will be faced with on your trip. If you are expecting the weather to take a turn for the worse and for colder evenings then you need a sleeping bag that will cope with these conditions. Traditionally mummy sleeping bags will offer the greater insulation but if your little one likes to wriggle about in their sleep, than a rectangular bag may well be the better option or the popular Kids SelkBag Sleeping Bag Suit. Rectangular or square bags are the better pick for the warmer months as they are not as restricting and will still provide more than enough insulation for when the sun goes down.

What sort of trip are you going on?

It will also depend on just where you are planning on taking the kids. A trip to your favourite campsite for a weekend in the tent or if your trekking in the Lake District, it will certainly factor as to just what sleeping bag to get them. You need to weigh up factors such as warmth, weight, bulk and cost. Ultimately it is also crucial to remember to get the kids something fun and vibrant. At the end of the day kids are kids and they will want something fun to get excited about when its time for bed. Make sure you find a product that is practical and child friendly and luckily for you, we have plenty of them here at Planet Camping!

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