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"Our team has developed this adjustable paddle for intermediate stand-up paddleboarders for touring, racing and surfing. Available in two sizes.

Can be disassembled and adjusted FROM 170 TO 210 CM (in ORANGE) or 150 to 190 cm (in WHITE) as per your size. Soft yet effective thanks to the mixed glass fibre tube and carbon."

  • Adjustable: The paddle size can be easily adjusted from 170 cm to 210 cm.
  • Ease of use: Profiled blade for stability:ref ORANGE: 565 cm²ref WHITE: 510 cm²
  • Lightweight: Carbon fibre and fibreglass tube.ref ORANGE: 765 cm²ref WHITE: 715 g
  • Compact design: 3-piece detachable paddle:ref ORANGE: 90 cmref WHITE: 86 cm
  • User comfort: Versatile ergonomic handle.
  • Buoyancy: When assembled, the paddle floats for at least 5 minutes.

Technical dimensions: ORANGE and BLACK model (Reference 8552926)

  • Max. usage size: 210 cm
  • Min. usage size: 170 cm
  • Disassembled size: 90 cm
  • Weight: 765 g
  • Shaft diameter: 29mm
  • Paddle surface: 565 cm² (87 inches²)
  • Paddle width: 18.4 cm (7.3")

Technical dimensions: WHITE and BLACK model (Reference 8552927)

  • Max. usage size: 190 cm
  • Min. usage size: 160 cm
  • Disassembled size: 86 cm
  • Weight: 715 g
  • Shaft diameter: 29mm
  • Paddle surface: 510 cm² (87 inches²)
  • Paddle width: 17.4 cm (7.3")


  • To adjust the paddle, open the latch, pull the handle to the desired length, then close the latch. The flat alignment area ensures that the handle is properly aligned with the blade.
  • If the tightening is not sufficient, latch open, tighten the metal screw using a screwdriver.
  • The paddle should be adjusted to around 15-20 cm more than your height:
  • E.g.: When touring, a person of 1.70 m sets the paddle at around 1.90 m
  • The paddle scale indicates the height of the paddle


For better grip on the shaft, apply a little wax to the handle.

How to maintain your paddle

  • After a stand-up paddleboarding session, it is important to rinse your paddle with clean water.
  • To avoid salt crystals building up on the tightening bolt, the push pin and inner tubes, rinse the paddle in warm water. So you increase the lifespan of your paddle.
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