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Exotac polySTRIKER XL Deluxe Firestarter

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The ideal take-anywhere, all-weather firestarter, Exotac’s polySTRIKER XL is the perfect tool for lightweight camping trips in tough conditions. This firesteel is made from recyclable ABS plastic, with a bigger handle that is easier to use when wearing gloves. The design incorporates a thicker ferro rod and a tungsten carbide striker to generate maximum sparks. But the striker still snaps neatly into the handle, ensuring a slim and streamlined carry. For emergency use, the polySTRIKER XL also includes a FireCord lanyard, which features a strand of tinder woven into the inner sheath of the cord, to give you peace of mind that you can light a fire anywhere.

  • PolySTRIKER XL offers the largest ferro rod and handle making it the easiest to use in cold weather or with gloves on
  • Includes extremely hard and very sharp tungsten carbide striker insert for superior spark production, which snaps into the body of the polySTRIKER when not in use
  • Integrated thicker 5/16" Ferrocerium Rod is small and lightweight yet strong enough to hold up to regular use. It is also waterproof – simply pat it dry before striking
  • Lightweight polymer design
  • Includes lanyard made from 550 FireCord. Simply strip black the outer sheath to reveal an inner red strand that can be ignited from a spark and burns like a candle