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Is the Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag practical?

The Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag is light enough to be carried by your child, whether they are just taking it from the car to the tent, or to a sleepover in their friends back garden. The best part is that it packs up into a convenient stuff sack. Not only does this make it quick and easy to get out and put away, but it also protects the sleeping bag while travelling from A to B. Once inside the stuff sack it won’t take up much space either. In fact, it should effortlessly fit inside your child’s wardrobe at home or in the boot or footwell when you’re in the car.

Have you ever seen your child sleeping in a perfect pencil shape? Or are they usually a messy bundle of arms and legs? The Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag is designed to be used by real children and doesn’t compromise on the quality of sleep or on practicality.  With this in mind, the Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag has a wider fit than most standard sleeping bags because a little bit is wiggle room goes a long way to improving a child’s sleeping comfort. Furthermore, this product has a 100% microfibre polyester lining which feels soft on the skin and makes for a cosy bed on chilly nights.

Injecting colour into your tent

The Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag has a 250g polyester fibre filling which helps to keep the cost and the weight of the bag to a minimum. This synthetic filler has a greater water resistance and is far better at retaining heat when wet than feather-based sleeping bags. So, if you do get caught out on a damp night, or someone, no pointing fingers please, leaves the cap off of the water battle, then your child will still sleep soundly. Another bonus of the polyester filling is that the fabric is less likely to cause a reaction if your child is asthmatic or has specific allergies, which is something which could really ruin your camping trip.
Kids love colour. The Ellipse Bag injects a sense of joy into any family tent. It’s available in either Lake Blue so your child can snuggle up and dream of seaside fun and blue skies, or Majesty Purple to bring a royal charm to your vacation. The polyester lining is a lush shade of forest green, suitable for both boys and girls.

Easy Camp Junior Ellipse Dimensions

160 x 75cm

Body length 140cm

Weight 1.2Kg


Shell - 190T Brushed microfibre polyester

Lining - 190T Brushed microfibre polyester

Filling - 250g Polyester Fibre

Available colours - Lake Blue and Majesty Purple

2 Seasons

Why children will love the Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag

Add a splash of colour to your children’s bedtime with the Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag which is brought to you by Easy Camp. These super bright bundles are specifically designed to let your kids get the good night sleep that they need and wake up feeling comfy and refreshed. The extra roomy, 2 season mummy bags are sure to keep your kids ‘ten little piggy’s’ warm too and the convenient 2-way zip will let them cool off if they get too hot. The synthetic filled sleeping bags are fitted with a polyester lining which is super soft and sure to provide a cosy night’s sleep. The Ellipse Junior Sleeping Bag is available in 2 colour options, Lake Blue and Majesty Purple, and are suitable for either girls or boys.

Favourite features of the Ellipse Kids Sleeping Bag

  • 2 season sleeping bag
  • Extra wide for comfort
  • Cocoon shape
  • 2-way open-ended zipper
  • Full-length baffle
  • Anti-snag zip guard
  • Brushed polyester lining
  • Rip-resistant
  • Loops for hanging
  • Stuff Sac
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Machine Washable

The new 2108 kids sleeping bag is a 2-season sleeping bag, suitable for use from late spring to early autumn which means that your family camping trips won’t be restricted to the busy summer holidays. Just grab your Ellipse Junior Sleeping bag and head into the great outdoors on any weekend. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that your kids are tucked up nice and warm in their own cocoons. No need to worry about overheating either because each sleeping bag is fitted with a 2-way open-ended zip which can be opened during hot summer nights and used like a blanket instead.
These children’s sleeping bags are designed with the unpredictability of the ‘Great British Weather’ in mind, as such you’ll be able to use them even if the weather decides to misbehave. The cocoon shape prevents heat loss if your camping in cooler temperatures while opening the zip will provide ventilation when your camping in higher temperatures. These handy features mean that you’ll only need to squash one sleeping bag per child into your already very full car!

Sleeping in a cocoon

The Ellipse Junior Sleeping bag features a full-length baffle and anti-snag zip guard, this works in two ways. Firstly, the baffle is effective in preventing loss of heat through the zip. We’ve all felt that irritating breeze seeping in through our zippers and the cool draft can stop a child from getting to sleep. The baffle prevents that loss of heat, letting your child sleep peacefully throughout the night, and of course, if they sleep well then you can too. Secondly, the anti-snag guard prevents the fabric getting caught in the zip. This will protect the polyester linings and will also prevent your child from getting trapped inside their own sleeping bag when they desperately need to run to the loo!

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