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BTWIN - 500 Men's Hi-Vis Day & Night City Cycling Rain Jacket

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"Stay visible while protecting yourself from the wind and rain. With neon colours and reflective strips, this jacket is designed to be seen both day and night.

Stand out from any angle. This waterproof cycling jacket is EN 1150 certified for day and night visibility. The hood can go over or under your helmet."

  • Waterproof: Stay dry for up to 2 hours thanks to the 100% watertight seams and the hood.
  • Ventilation: Stay nicely ventilated thanks to the large zipped openings under the arms.
  • Visibility: Stand out from 360° day & night with the neon colour and reflective bands.
  • Windproof: Protect yourself from the wind thanks to the coated fabric.
  • Field of vision: Broaden your horizons! The hood fits your head and follows its movements.
  • Adjustable: Position the hood on or under your helmet for optimal protection
  • Pockets: Ride with peace of mind with your 2 side zip pockets
  • Ecodesign: 100% recycled polyester with characteristics identical to polyester.


  • This cycling PPE jacket, which is certified according to standard EN1150, comes in a neon colour with reflective strips and a magnetic flap on the front for visibility both during the day and at night.
  • The reflective parts have been positioned based on the constraints of cycling (leaning forwards, wearing a backpack, signalling with your arm, etc.) to guarantee 360° visibility at night from up to 50 m away when picked up by car headlights.


What makes a garment waterproof is the coating of its fabric and its waterproof taping. The resistance of a fabric to water pressure is expressed in mm of a water jet (test based on standard ISO 811). Our material is resistant to the pressure from 2,000 mm of water. The finished product is approved in a shower test in the lab, where we recreate the conditions of an average downpour: 60 L water per square metre per hour for 2 hours.


  • The 500 jacket is designed to protect urban cyclists in rainy weather. Its cycling-specific cut provides good freedom of movement and covers the lower back, arms, neck and wrists when in riding position to guarantee great protection from the cold and wind.
  • Zipped vents under the arms to let air circulate freely.
  • You can wear your helmet over or under the hood.


Hydrophilic coating (RET = 12): helps the garment to wick perspiration away. To see whether a fabric is breathable, we test its evaporative resistance or RET (based on the ISO 11092 standard). The lower its resistance, the more the fabric lets water vapour produced by the body escape, and the more breathable it is.


  • Product made of 100% recycled polyester.
  • Using recycled polyester prevents the use of petroleum-based resources.


  • A product's environmental impact is calculated for its entire life cycle using various indicators.
  • An overall rating (ABCDE) is given, allowing you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing similar products to each other (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks etc.).
  • Decathlon openly displays the environmental ratings of its products.
  • To find out more:

Adjustable hood

Gusset on the front to help position the hood and protect the neck. Can be adjusted using the elasticated cord and drawcord toggles. Visor on the top of the hood for good facial protection. Hood that can be worn over or under the helmet.


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