Beach Shelter Tent

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Flysheet - 180T Polyester PU

Floor - Polyethylene

Poles - Fibreglass 6.9mm

Pack size 57 x 7 cm

Weight 1.2 Kg

Dimensions - please see image details

Beach Camping

Of course, there is always a little room left for improvement, and some aspects could be lacking. The wide, open entry leaves a lot of space exposed, so make sure you pack the tent when the weather is nice and summer is underway. It is by no means a heavy duty, rugged mountaineer’s tent, as the title implies. But that’s why it is simply perfect in the role it advertises, and that is a fair amount of protection and comfort for the ultimate and relaxing trip to the beach. Your companions will love the privacy, your kids will love the place to rest, and everyone will cherish that important bit of shade. 

There is a plenty to look forward to when the long awaited and carefully detailed day of your camping trip arrives. It’s no secret that many of us yearn for the hard earned respite from our busy weekdays, planning for months in advance that perfect and special trip to the nature. And as the summer comes nearer and nearer, the number one weekend camping spot becomes the beach. It is a perfect destination that combines a peaceful atmosphere, plenty of fresh air and beautiful nature as well. It has all that a promising and reviving camping trip needs to have. Whether we share it with our close and loved ones, or simply travel alone, in the end, we want all to be well and in perfect order. 
That is why we always seek the best possible equipment to aid us in our trip.

Easy Camp by the sea

So you chose that nearby, secluded beach as your place of rest and relaxation. That’s great – you’ll have everything you might desire - the water’s close by, the woods behind you. It has all the things you need for a bit of peace, rest and enjoyment after a hard week. And, being a thorough and thoughtful camper, you packed the most important item of the trip – your reliable and favourite beach tent. 
No camping trip is a complete experience without a good, sturdy tent that will act as your own little shelter and the roof over your head. It is essential for protection from the elements, a place to sleep, warm up and find a bit of privacy. And, of course, you want to make sure that the tent you’re going to purchase has all those aspects covered. Well look no further – because if you’re planning to hit the beaches this coming summer, you will be perfectly equipped and thoroughly comfortable with the Easy Camp Beach Shelter Tent.

A must essential for any beach trip.

Protection from the elements is provided here with this cool looking UV beach tent. Quick and easy to set up. Not only are you sheltered from any light rain you also have the added bonus of +50 UV sun protection and with the integral ground sheet all personal items are kept free from dirt/sand etc. Is is ideal for protecting the very young from the sun or when they need a quiet place for a nap, the perfect baby beach tent. It rolls up nicely, tucked in the specially created bag that reduces the overall size to just 57 by 7 centimetres. Paired with it light weight of only 1.2 kilograms, this quickly makes it nearly inconspicuous, quite easy to carry with you anywhere you go, strapped to your backpack, your motorcycle, or simply chucked in the trunk of your car.

Beach Tent Main Features

  • Fibreglass poles
  • +50 UV protection
  • Integral groundsheet
  • Internal side pockets
  • Waterproof HH 500mm
  • Durable storage bag

Easy Camp’s Beach Shelter pop up tent is the perfect choice and a crucial ingredient of a perfected camping experience. It has all the common wrinkles thoroughly ironed out, and all the important aspects taken care off. Including you.
This Beach Shelter tent takes all the best details from the market, combining them into one thoroughly detailed and carefully manufactured piece of camping equipment. 
Taking into account all the possible scenarios a camping trip could have, Easy Camp put their efforts into all the intricate details, delivering a sturdy yet comfortable tent while at the same time retaining a compactness and ease of carrying. 
The common weather elements are now taken care of: light rain, snow and wind, as well as the pesky water spray on the beach, will pose no problem in this tent, due to the waterproof hydrostatic head (HH) 500mm material.
This means that even though the weather outside the tent is damp and miserable – you’ll still enjoy that autumnal view safely warmed up inside your little tent.

Shelter from the Sun

On the other hand, if you’re lucky and the weather is particularly nice and hot, you will still retain a fair dose of comfort, thanks to the +50 UV protection that will take care of all the excess heat, giving you that nice bit of shade.
 Easy Camp Beach Shelter tent has a design that tries to satisfy every taste and cover every possible wish in that product’s area. This is why we have a couple of nifty little details that make a great overall addition to the tent. Amongst these is the integral ground sheet. Besides giving an extra layer of material between you and the ground, acting as insulation, it will protect your clothes, items and food from the sand, dirt, dust, as well as the damp. Pair it with your own sleeping bag, ground sheet or any similar insulation, and you’ve secured your warmth for those cool seaside nights. 

Another cool aspect are the all important and very useful internal side pockets. Like every camper knows, an extra bit of stowage space is never a bad thing. So with the Easy Camp Beach Shelter Tent, you can use the provided additional pockets as a storage space to keep your clothes or food on an elevated and airy place. A useful little detail.

 Besides a wonderful, vibrant light color and a modern design that will not look out of place no matter where you take it with you, this Beach tent is easy to set up as well. It comes together with those helpful fiberglass poles that greatly improved the overall stability of the tent itself and immensely ease the process of setting it up. We’re certain you’ll have no issues whatsoever in quickly setting this tent up. Besides, its dimensions – 270x115x110, are perfectly reasonable and won’t take a lot of time or space setting up. 

One of the best details of this wonderful piece of equipment is its own storage bag, perfectly designed to retain a dose of compactness and ease of transportation.

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