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Square Sleeping Bags

Yellowstone Essential Square Sleeping Bag
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Easy Camp Comic Square Sleeping Bag
£29.99 £16.99
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Kids Square Sleeping Bag by Outwell
£29.99 £14.99
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Gelert Hebog 250E Sleeping Bag
£19.99 £11.99
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Bill Brown Cotton Sleeping Bag
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Highlander Sleepmaster 1500 Sleeping Bag
£24.99 £19.99
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Hooded Square Sleeping Bag Summer
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Hooded Square Sleeping Bag Winter
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Square Sleeping bags

Free  Inflatable Pillow  with every order!

Square sleeping bags are all the rage at the moment as many people start to appreciate the room that they provide. Generally, they are more spacious than the traditional style 'mummy' sleeping bag and because of this are ideal for people who tend to move a lot in their sleep or like to have as much space as possible!

On a more serious note however, for people who can get a little claustrophobic, the square sleeping bag seems to be the better option as it provides more room to move around and consequently doesn't leave you feeling as hemmed in. Because the square sleeping bag isn't as tight to the body and provides more manoeuvrable space.

Despite square sleeping bags having a reputation as not being as warm as the original style offerings, many brands are closing the gap and now offer square sleeping bags with excellent insulation qualities that will eventually give the traditional model a run for its money.