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Camping Gadgets

EcoCool Box
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Retro Poncho
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Solar Torch Cap
£39.99 £24.99
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Power Plus Bear Camping Lantern 24LED
£34.99 £29.99
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500ml Funnel Kettles with Camping Kit
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500ml Funnel Kettles
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1000ml Funnel Kettles
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1500ml Funnel Kettles
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1000ml Funnel Kettles with Camping Kit
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1500ml Funnel Kettles with Camping Kit
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Power Plus Shark Wind Up Torch Charger
£29.99 £27.99
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Water Powered Can Clock
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HotRox USB Hand Warmers
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Portable Jump Starter
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Silicon Folding Camping Kettle
£29.99 £24.99
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Solar Iphone Dock
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Camping Gadgets

When it comes to camping gadgets really are the way forward as they make staying outdoors easy and comfortable and prove to be a god- send for people who want all the conveniences of modern day living, whilst still enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer.

Nowadays, there is nothing that you can't get for camping trips, and all are wonderful and extremely useful in their own way. Two of the most popular and useful groups of gadgets however, are wind-up and solar powered options. Many people are starting to respect solar options with sales of solar lights, solar clocks and solar heaters all rising considerably.

Not only are they all extremely efficient and good for the environment however, they also have many other positive aspects too. The main advantage of solar powered camping gear is that you can avoid things that use batteries and power and can purely rely on a natural source - all you have to do is let them charge in the sun and they will last you through the evening.

Solar Power Camping Gadgets

In terms of popularity however, it has to be said that the solar powered radio is one of the biggest sellers. Despite many people doubting the quality of solar power in general, solar radios are known to work better than regular radios and often last for many hours when fully charged.

As well as being a good quality radio in its own right however, a solar radio also has plug-ins that allow you to use other items that would normally run on electricity, so in terms of versatility, there's nothing better. As well as all the hype about solar powered gadgets however, wind-up gadgets are also just as useful and are even easier to reap the benefits from.

Wind Up Camping Gadgets

There are many wind up gadgets that come in handy for all camping trips including; a wind up phone charger, a wind up radio and a wind up torch -all are necessities that are vital in ensuring you are safe in the outdoors, and what's more, they're cheap, easy to run and wonderfully easy to use.